Are you reporting status on work without actively connecting it to business outcome? Are you rewarding the team for features, but have no time for technical debt? Are you reporting to internal management without focusing on the real customer? Whether you are a Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Team Manager, you want to guide the team well and clearly see incremental progress each week. On paper this looks easy, but in real life it is easy to fall into the […]


The Essence of Safeguarding Safeguarding consists of the following: Get a signal that indicates when important problems happen, e.g. bugs or risk-averse choices. Every time the signal fires, examine the specific case to find hazards. Specify a timebox — how much effort is worth spending to prevent problems like this one signal that happened (commonly a person-day or two). Execute remediations within the current sprint — partial improvements of hazards. That’s really all there is to it. Most importantly, the following […]


Demonstrate Measurable Results from your RCAs Do the same problems keep showing up over and over? Do you keep scheduling root cause analyses and improvement stories for the same problem? Commonly, teams will find underlying factors that are too big to solve and never successfully execute the work needed to solve it. The first step is to ensure that every week results work that can be demonstrated. Implementing a 10% better model addresses the big mountain problems incrementally. These practices […]

Fix God Classes

The God Class Change Series is the biggest because the presence of a God Class creates issues in all the code that touches it. Like a black hole, it attracts responsibilities and data, distorting all the methods around it. If God Classes become big enough, they become inescapable. While this Changes Series covers many things, the biggest value is that it gives an incremental approach to escaping God Classes. Interested in getting this adoption kit for your team? Contact us […]

Fix Complex Methods

From a developer’s perspective, this Change Series focuses on three habits that ensure a new system gets the behavior of the complex method in a readable way. The blog series walks through all of the concepts, but not with specific and measurable behavior shifts that you find within the purchased habits. Adopting Naming is a Process as a team is embedded in two different Change series that is offered throughout the Code by Refactoring adoption kits. Articles 1-4 is within […]

Team Survey Template

This template is to assist you in getting the right data from your developers to assess the technical waste situation at your organization. Basic Team Survey This simple two-question survey makes it easy for the teams to complete and gives you a clear view of the conflicting and varied responses. We recommend including the examples to ensure the team is clear on how to respond. What are the 3 top technical obstacles that you want to solve but would need […]