Code by Refactoring

Learn to Solve Technical Debt in Legacy Code Do you feel that every day’s work erodes your technical health? No matter how many re-writes or technical debt sprints you schedule, does your legacy code seem to get worse every quarter? The first step is to address the common problems that block teams from giving you healthy code. Addressing these problems ensures that each story improves your technical health. These practices are the roots of your codebase quality. We provide these […]

Speaking Engagements

As the Coronavirus pandemic is causing the necessity to postpone or cancel conferences, we don’t have to stop our learning! So let’s take a moment to thank the leaders of these conferences for prioritising the safety and well-being of attendees and speakers … and know that our digital age does not limit our ability to share valuable insights! Deep Roots is transforming our scheduled talks and workshops to be both online accessible and consumable. APRIL 2020 deliver:Agile DevOps MythsYouTube PlaylistRoadmap […]