Naming as a Process — a Learning Path

Is your naming process effective for working with others? There are two hard problems that we face constantly. Naming Cache invalidation Off by 1 errors With naming being such a nemesis, it would be valuable to have techniques to make it easier. Naming as a Process describes those techniques. And (4 years later) we have a summary and learning path to adopt naming as a process. Why did it take me 4 years to write? My significant blockers were: I needed […]

Working Effectively with -Any- Code

Any code contains information. Some of this information it screams out at you. You can see this with a quick scan; you don’t even have to read. Some of the information requires a careful reading to discover. Some is in between; it requires a read, but most any reader will discover the information once they look. If we want to make code more scannable, we need to increase the percentage of relevant information that it screams at you. Which also […]

Why Leading Your Way Out of Technical Waste Hasn’t Worked

Is technical waste really a threat? Sure it costs a lot of money, but that is small compared to the revenue from a successful software product. You attained business success by maximizing the odds of revenue. You could afford some technical debt along the way. But now that debt has become waste. Technical waste is not just costing money. It is costing options. Want to take the product to the cloud? You can’t in less than 2 years. Subscription business? […]