Code by Refactoring

Learn to Solve Technical Debt in Legacy Code

Do you feel that every day’s work erodes your technical health? No matter how many re-writes or technical debt sprints you schedule, does your legacy code seem to get worse every quarter?

The first step is to address the common problems that block teams from giving you healthy code. Addressing these problems ensures that each story improves your technical health. These practices are the roots of your codebase quality.

We provide these practices in our Insight Loop: Fixing Code One Line at a Time. These fingers-on-keyboard techniques allow developers to make a 15-second tiny refactoring that will save 30 seconds in that story. If this sounds insignificant, consider the results of each developer doing this hundreds of times a day. Your healthier code now saves hours per person per day.

Describes how the insight loop improves your technical debt and productivity in legacy code both during and after the workshop.

During the 6 weeks of learning while coding, you get:

  • 12 concrete techniques applied on the job in your codebase
  • Introductory (virtual) mobbing workshop in your codebase
  • Demo/reflection (virtual) meetings for each technique in your codebase
  • Guidance (virtual) for on the job practice in product code
  • On-going Slack support

The 12 techniques learned on the job are split into three habits with guaranteed results:

  • Start Refactoring Safely (2 virtual weeks)
    Results: Code change is less bug prone and code reviews are much easier.
  • Naming as a Process (2 virtual weeks)
    Results: Bugs are reduced for any stories that touch existing code.
  • Know When to Stop (2 virtual weeks)
    Results: Refactoring is in tiny chunks and stories take less time.

During the 13 weeks of fixing while coding, you get:

  • Refreshers of techniques on request
  • 3 virtual calls to solve your design problems using the Insight Loop
  • On-going Slack support

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