Code by Refactoring

What’s in Code by Refactoring?

Explore this Code by Refactoring habit catalog to see how we address technical waste and the returns you will see from each habit.

All the technical skills, ordered by RoI

How do we start?

Every team starts with the Insight Loop. That sets the groundwork for every change series to come.

1 team
Coached Pilot
1-8 team organization
Coached Roll-out
10-200+ teams
Best ForWork on a new, single-team productGather data before doing full roll-outResolve urgent technical waste in a multi-team product
First Visible Change6 weeks2 weeks4 weeks
Time to Finish12 weeks6 weeks8 weeks
Start now
$1000 / team-day
Start now
$1000 / team-day

What would this look like for my team?

One behavior shift at a time, each giving a return within 48 hours.

How it all goes together, focusing on the single shift.