Validated Mending Trainer (VMT)

Whether a freelance technical coach or a company sponsored internal trainer, the Validated Mending Trainer (VMT) provides the content expertise as well as the facilitation skills necessary to provide the Validated Software Mender I (VSM-I) to developers.

Benefits of becoming a VMT includes certification of VSM-I (Skill 1), access to Deep Roots’ content (Skill 2), and participation in facilitation practices (Skill 3). Additionally, there is on-going technical content support from Arlo Belshee as well as on-going instructional support from learning designer Marian Hartman, PhD.

The VMT is earned once all three skills have been achieved and demonstrated by co-teaching the first VSM-I certification.

Any team receiving training from a VMT pays Deep Roots a one-time content licensing for each VSM-I seat plus any fee the VMT charges for facilitation.

VMT Milestones

  • Skill 1: Content Skill
    *earns Validated Software Mender I (VSM-I)
    • Tagging as a Process (TaaG)
    • Naming as a Process (NaaP)
    • The Insight Loop
    • The Legacy Testing Loop
  • Skill 2: Facilitating the Content
    • Mobbing Workshop
    • Module Facilitation Guide
    • Training Logistics
    • How to Demo without Lecturing
    • How to Retro without Leading
  • Skill 3: Facilitating Well
    • Managing Parallel Writing
    • Reading the Virtual Room
    • Authentic Assessment and Measurement
    • Iterative Learning Practices
    • Techniques for Guide on the Side