Validated Senior Developer (VSD)

Every organization faces challenges in shaping junior talent. The Validated Senior Developer (VSD) addresses themes critical for junior developers to grow.

The advancement program is modularized to allow individual developers to attend only the specific modules they need. However, the certification requires the completion of all modules.

Organization ROI: Gain Senior Developers in 6-12 months while retaining talent by nurturing their careers.

Engineer ROI: Rapidly transition to Senior Developer level thinking and achieve the benefits from increased business responsibility.

VSD Milestones

  • Growth Milestone 1: Coding in Big Systems
    • Writing Unit Tests Well
    • Succeeding in Small Chunks
    • Extending a System
    • Solving Extensibility Obstacles
  • Growth Milestone 2: Teams & Internal Systems
    • Peer, Pair, and Mob Practices
    • Cynefin Framework for Team Alignment
    • Experiment-Driven Continuous Improvement
    • Developer / Manager Communication
  • Growth Milestone 3: Risk Aware Coding
    *earns Validated Software Mender I (VSM-I)
    • Tagging as a Process (TaaG)
    • Naming as a Process (NaaP)
    • The Insight Loop
    • The Legacy Testing Loop
  • Growth Milestone 4: Mentoring & Learning
    • Co-Active Coaching Techniques
    • Growth Mindset Framework
    • Ego Development Framework
    • Reading the Emotional Room
  • Growth Milestone 5: Thinking for the Customer
    • Business Driven Demo Strategies
    • Business Driven Work Breakdown
    • Pivot Enablement
    • Data & Measurement