Fix Complex Methods

From a developer’s perspective, this Change Series focuses on three habits that ensure a new system gets the behavior of the complex method in a readable way. The blog series walks through all of the concepts, but not with specific and measurable behavior shifts that you find within the purchased habits.

Adopting Naming is a Process as a team is embedded in two different Change series that is offered throughout the Code by Refactoring adoption kits.

  • Articles 1-4 is within The Insight Loop Change Series, a fundamental series where we have every team begin their Disciplined Refactoring journey.
  • Articles 5-7 is within the Fix Complex Methods Change Series (below), one of the many adoption kits found in our Legacy Code solutions.

While this Changes Series covers many things, it also provides behavior shifts that address the two most common patterns in codebases, as noted in Article 5 of the Naming is a Process blog series.

Interested in getting this adoption kit for your team? These measurable shifts that will resonate with you as the developer are not necessarily the language that will resonate with your purchasing manager. Below are ROIs that will connect well with understanding the purchasing value.

Habit: Naming is a Process
Use names to align coders towards designs that minimize cost and risk.

Habit: Make Methods Simple
Separate parts of a method so they can be each used appropriately in the new system.

Habit: Power Combos
Make arbitrary design changes in a disciplined way without bugs.

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