Is your code ready for DevOps?

If you put bad code in your pipeline, guess what comes out?

CI/CD pipelines were invented to find improvements for already very clean code. They don’t magically fix legacy code. Sticking a bunch of untestable code through it isn’t going to get the job done. Your company has committed to DevOps; now you need clean code for the pipeline.

We teach specific technical habits that cleans the code in the pipeline.

Planning to adopt DevOps?

Invest 6 weeks of Code by Refactoring Foundations to fundamentally change how developers leverage the new tools and abilities.

Needing to fix your exploding pipeline?

Invest 18 months to simply make all that bad code getting shoveled into the pipeline go away. You’ll see explicit results as you go!

Need a Strategy?

Direct Coaching:
Identify up to 10 teams for Deep Roots to virtually and simultaneously coach in their codebase.

Train the Trainer:
Identify up to 10 individual technical contributors in your organization to be trained and supported by Deep Roots so that they become your Center of Excellence.