Is your code ready for TDD?

If all your code is tightly intertwined, how useful are isolated tests?

TDD creates isolated tests. It is the best tool for testing simple and complicated code. You can break everything apart, test all the parts, and you have a complete and valid test of the whole.

However, complex code has emergent interactions. These cannot be verified by a TDD approach. Our solution is to refactor your complex code to complicated code that does the same thing. Now it can be tested with TDD.

We teach specific technical habits that helps you refactor complex code down to complicated without changing it’s behavior.

Planning to clean up a messy system?

My developers can create a new testable design. Check.
My developers can plan how to make a complex codebase testable. Check.
My developers can execute that plan without introducing bugs or delaying stories. Help!

Invest 6 weeks of Code by Refactoring Foundations to fundamentally change how developers refactor so that they execute that plan successfully.

Need a Strategy?

Direct Coaching:
Identify up to 10 teams for Deep Roots to virtually and simultaneously coach in their codebase.

Train the Trainer:
Identify up to 10 individual technical contributors in your organization to be trained and supported by Deep Roots so that they become your Center of Excellence.