As the Coronavirus pandemic is causing the necessity to postpone or cancel conferences, we don’t have to stop our learning! So let’s take a moment to thank the leaders of these conferences for prioritising the safety and well-being of attendees and speakers … and know that our digital age does not limit our ability to share valuable insights!

Deep Roots is transforming our scheduled talks and workshops to be both online accessible and consumable.

APRIL 2020 deliver:Agile

MAY 2020 Migh High Agile

Getting More Feature Time:
Reducing Story Waste
YouTube Playlist
Non-Coder Facilitation Resources

JUNE 2020 CRAFTcon

Use Memory Strategies to Code Better
YouTube Playlist Link #1

Emotional Fluidity for Better Coding
YouTube Playlist Link #2

Fixing God Classes
Online Workshop Link

JULY 2020 Agile2020

Increase Your Memory’s Effectiveness & Productivity
YouTube Playlist Link

Unclog your DevOps Pipeline
Online Workshop Link