Team Survey Template

This template is to assist you in getting the right data from your developers to assess the technical waste situation at your organization.

Basic Team Survey

This simple two-question survey makes it easy for the teams to complete and gives you a clear view of the conflicting and varied responses. We recommend including the examples to ensure the team is clear on how to respond.

  1. What are the 3 top technical obstacles that you want to solve but would need support?
         For example: not enough tests
  2. What are the 3 top technical obstacles that impact you, but are out of your control?
         For example: unresponsive vendor

Including Metrics

If you are looking to fund an effort to reduce technical waste, we recommend also getting metrics baselines that will allow you to measure later change.

  • In the last two sprints, what percentage of developer time was spent on:
    • time spent on bugs:
    • time spent on stories:
    • time spent working around infrastructure or tools issues:

FYI This question finds the obvious waste due to quality issues. Bugs and workarounds are obviously technical waste.

  • Given that stories consistently include these three components — 1) understanding existing code, 2) implementing the story, and 3) fixing the problems — what percentage of developer time is spent in each of these phases?
    • understanding existing code:
    • implementing the story:
    • fixing the problems:

FYI This question finds the less-obvious technical waste that commonly happens within story development. Both the understanding and fixing phases can be nearly eliminated, so any time spent in those phases is also waste.


Contact for questions or clarifications you may have to get the data you need!