Every team faces unique technical waste; however, there are fundamental practices to embrace initially. As such, each team starts in the same place. The Insight Loop is taught as a process in our Code by Refactoring Foundations Workshop. It addresses some universal problems and teaches the core technique that everything will build on: Disciplined Refactoring.

The virtual mobbing session is a 1/2 day introduction to the concepts of these techniques in a hands-on practice on the team’s codebase. This is only included in the coached package.

The 12 techniques learned on the job is split into three habits with guaranteed results provided in each link:

COST: $22,000 per team, coached by Arlo Belshee, mobbing and techniques

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Once a team has adopted the foundations of Code by Refactoring, they can now tackle the technical waste that is unique to their team’s needs. Improving technical excellence falls into the categories of improving quality or legacy code. As such, this workshop is designed for teams to select the kind of problem they are having and which habit they wish to adopt.

The 4 techniques learned on the job provides guaranteed results for each habit. To select a habit, complete the following steps.

  • Choose Improve Quality or Legacy Code from the Code by Refactoring catalog
  • Select the Change Series that represents the problem
  • Select the Habit to adopt

COST: $8,000 per team, coached by Arlo Belshee