Every team faces unique technical waste; however, there are fundamental practices to embrace initially. As such, each team starts in the same place. The Insight Loop is taught as a process in our Code by Refactoring Foundations Workshop. It addresses some universal problems and teaches the core technique that everything will build on: Disciplined Refactoring.

Workshop includes:

  • Introductory (virtual) mobbing workshop in client codebase
  • Demo/reflection (virtual) meetings for each technique
  • Guidance (virtual) for on the job practice in product code
  • On-going Slack support

The 12 techniques learned on the job is split into three habits with guaranteed results provided in each link:

  • Start Refactoring Safely (2 virtual weeks)
  • Naming as a Process (2 virtual weeks)
  • Know When to Stop (2 virtual weeks)

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Once a team has adopted the Foundations of Code by Refactoring, they can now tackle the technical waste problems unique to their team’s needs. As such, this workshop is designed for teams to select and address the specific problem they are experiencing.

  • Step 1: consult with Arlo Belshee on the specific problem
  • Step 2: collaboratively select the next tier of advanced techniques needed to solve that problem
  • Step 3: follow the same workshop pattern as the Foundations workshop

Examples of Tier 2 options:

  • Cleaning code for DevOps pipeline
  • Addressing specific unit testing challenges
  • Breaking free of the monolith
  • Getting back capacity for real development

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