Your first step out of the legacy bog

You don’t have to be the DevOps failure story!

Option 1: Educate

A customized speaking educational series by Arlo Belshee about tech debt. With Arlo’s experience ranging both vertically (dev, dev manager, agile coach, product owner, CTO) and horizontally (dev, test, architecture, UX, ops), he has a unique perspective of the organization system as a whole.

Each webinar would target the audience accordingly:

  • Developers: Thinking like legacy menders
  • Scrummasters: Unblocking your team for true ownership
  • Product Owners: Improving delivery by reducing risk
  • Engineering Directors / CTOs: Going from vision to results in the code

Contact us to start with one webinar and continue to add as you go, or buy as a package.

Option 2: Assess

Find out exactly where your gaps and wins are! Get an agility health check for both your business process and your technical capabilities.

Kert Peterson has 15+ years experience with business analysis and agility.
Arlo Belshee has 20+ years experience with legacy code and technical excellence.

The two of them would provide a detailed report of your agility health with specific recommendations for next steps depending on your identified goals.

We examine the following components:

  • Leadership strategy and business agility (Kert)
  • Leadership for technical visibility and responsiveness (Arlo)
  • Team practices and process (Kert)
  • Team technical execution (Arlo)

Option 3: Change

Adopt Tier 1 of Code by Refactoring for a team to achieve measurable results and be the shining example of change. Coached personally by Arlo Belshee, the team learns 12 specific habits with guaranteed results.