Legacy code is the roots of your business!

We level up code mending skills to revitalize the company’s most important code.

No slides. No labs.

Just concrete practices in your real environment with a coach who’s been there.

At Deep Roots, we help developers to step beyond their code making abilities and proficiently mend existing code. Certification content is grounded in technical practices that Arlo Belshee has validated across 20 years.

Deep Roots offers a solution for your technical fluency by combining Arlo’s deep technical expertise and Marian’s deep learning expertise. More than just talking about technical practices, you will integrate those practices with every day work that aligns to business goals.

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The VSM-I certification represents four keystone behaviors. Developers will code with risk awareness, in smaller increments, and integrate more effectively with existing code.

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The VSM-II certification will represent specialization in software mending.

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The VMT certification represents effective technical training. Trainers will facilitate in real code and use authentic assessment strategies rather than tests and simulated labs.

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The VSD certification represents five Senior Developer skillsets. Developers will become multi-lingual, improve their team, earn the VSM-I certification, mentor others, and align to business value goals.

Learn in Real Code

Rather than learning coding practices in a simulated lab, Deep Roots teaches all software techniques in existing production code. We teach developers to identify opportunities to apply the new techniques in their normal work, and then to execute those safely.

Learn Practice over Theory

Rather than lecturing about abstract mental models, Deep Roots starts with concrete techniques. Theory is important, but it doesn’t matter until you’ve experienced the actual practice. We teach behaviours that will guide learners to re-invent the theory for themselves.

Learn in Tiny Chunks

Rather than attending a 4-hour class that covers several fuzzy concepts, Deep Roots teaches one precise technique every two days to practice. These techniques build up to a culminating keystone behavior.

Validate in Real Work

Rather than certifying through presence, quiz, or project, Deep Roots assesses the skill by measuring on-the-job performance. We design our techniques to be visible and tagged in source control. As such, feedback and certification is based on performance in existing production code.

No Renewal Costs

Certifications from Deep Roots are yours for life with no renewal costs to retain them.  Once you achieve them, you will retain that certification with no additional future costs.

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