Technical Fluency at Scale

Unlocking businesses blocked by their code.

Deep Roots

Technical results are driven by the implementation teams. These are the roots of your organization. When your business is blocked by a technical problem, you have to change the roots.

The problem is that traditional change management and leader-driven transformations don’t work.

Why:Because there is no shared problem to align around.

One client’s story.

Technical transformation cannot be solved by a leader managing a single direction. There is no unifying theme, no common standard of practice, and the most important part to address is different for each team.

How:Change your habits.

Your technical results, including release speed, bugs, and system viability, are driven by the moment-to-moment coding habits of your software teams. These habits take seconds to execute and occur dozens of times in a minute. They are only visible if you happen to be coding with a developer in that minute. Those habits, taken together, become your technical culture. While culture resists change, specific habits do not.

So if you want to get different business results, change the habits that drive those results.

How Can We Help?

Deep Roots knows how to change habits. We know the most effective habits for specific technical contexts. You know what business problem is most worth solving. The teams know what habits they currently do and why. Together, we know everything we need to change habits.

To get started, what is your most pressing business problem ?

We really need to rewrite our legacy system, but it is supporting our business. We need a good way to fundamentally change our technical strategy, replace this system, and continue releasing features and updates at the same time.

Our competitors ship more often than us, beating us to release even our ideas! Yet we already struggle to ship this fast because of late bugs and the cost of verification. We have to find problems earlier, fix problems in production faster, and ship more often.

We lose customers because of our quality. It seems like each bugfix release adds new bugs. Key customer fixes take 6 months or more to get done. We have to improve quality!